The Aware Course

The Muslim toolkit to defeat the ill of pornography addiction...

A course that has been designed specifically for those who have been trapped in the endless cycle of pornography, masturbation and undesirable sexual behaviors - the course is delivered in a concise manner for those who wish to attempt practical steps before embarking on the complete path of recover.

The course consists of 4 modules + extra concluding video. Each module is followed by a set of questions to help you retain the knowledge and practice the learning content.

I am sure you are wise enough

to make the right decision to begin your recovery journey...

You are NOT alone. WE ARE ALL WITH YOU!

Most of the tips provided in the book are based on real life experiences with addicts who have approached me personally seeking for my help. Other points are borrowed from experts in the field who have been working hard to save millions of lives from the destruction of pornography addiction.