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=The Muslim toolkit to beat up porn addiction=

Course Description

This course includes the most effective methods of recovery from porn addiction – ALL IN ONE, but in brief. It is intended for those who wish to build an idea over which recovery program is most suitable for them. Many have found it comprehensive, others have found it a great way for making a decision about the way forward.

The course is divided into 4 Modules. each module consists of several videos and set of questions to help you retain the knowledge and put the learning content into practice.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Why the conversation about porn addiction is essential? (3 main reasons are mentioned)
  • Best of all generations; were they addicted?
  • How did the companions of the Prophet were able to break free from addictions?
  • Islam & addiction
  • Most successful THREE recovery programs
  • The constitution of the believers… (hint. 25 essential practices and things to be aware of)

The course is emphasizing on the importance of consistency, its definition and how to live without shaming ourselves and instead keep on fighting till the end.

  • You need a computer & Internet (Cellphones are distractive) 
  • You need a journal (Taking notes with your own hand is essential)