Aware® Coaching Certification Program

For parents, coaches, community leaders, educators, and concerned souls.


Become certified under the supervision of Wael Ibrahim



Discover the power of relieving others of their addiction by becoming an AWARE® certified coach

Directed by Wael Ibrahim

The Aware Academy is proud to bring back to LIVE signature AWARE® certification program.

Take advantage of the tailored coaching methods for an accredited life-coaching training program, guided by Wael Ibrahim, and proven to successfully treat individuals who are struggling with porn-related compulsive use.

You will be equipped with the very skills, methodologies and techniques used by our own Aware® Academy coaches.  Be empowered to create meaningful impact by changing the lives of thousands, around the world, from the shackles of pornography addiction.

Join us today and become a certified trainer, coach and accredited with The  AWARE® Academy to bring about great changes in the lives of others.

What will you get by enrolling today as the inaugural cohort to become an Aware® Academy Certified Coach?

This program is for you IF

Coach, Educator or a Parent

You are currently a coach, an educator or a parent who would like to explore the coaching methodologies to create awareness and/or protect your loved ones from the harms of pornography

Expand your horizon

To expand your horizon and create a positive change in the world around you

Expand your practice in the area

Expand your practice in the area of coaching, mentoring and teaching by learning the AWARE® coaching techniques of transforming people’s lives.

Train others

Would want to start the AWARE® chapter in your own city and train others

Get certified as soon as you submit the required work. 

Get involved and save lives

(Investment = US$299)

Training will be conducted via recorded sessions from the previous LIVE trainings. 


Aware Coaching Certification Program

Module ONE - 4 sessions

(4-6 hours in total)


1) The foundations of coaching.
2) The AWARE® coaching philosophy.
3) ICF (International Coach Federation) standards of coaching competency

Module TWO - 4 sessions

(4-6 hours in total)


1) Advance coaching skills
2) Advance coaching models
3) Demos of coaching models in practice

Module THREE - 6 sessions

(6-8 hours in total)

Porn addiction education - Knowledge and practice

1) The harms – Making you aware
2) The benefits of living a life without porn
3) Coaching addicts – various models –

Module FOUR

(Assignment Phase)


To be completed within 3months
Participants will be given tasks to accomplish and finalise within three months from the date of our final session (i.e. assessment paper to answer set of questions and a project to conduct publicly).


Once the project is finalized, submitted and passed, the participants will be given their certificates and celebrated during the online graduation day.

There were 42 BILLION visits occurring on the largest pornographic website in the world, in the year 2019 alone!  FORTY-TWO BILLION.

We believe in the power of training coaches with all the necessary tools and knowledge to create meaningful impact.

Never underestimate your power to impact ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL, with the right certification you will be equipped to make change. Register your place today!

Why should I help those who are addicted to pornography?

Because they may be your brothers and sisters … your loved ones, or YOUR CHILDREN

…they may be your partners, spouses or dear friends and neighbours

…because they mostly suffer from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and stress.

…because divorce rates has skyrocketed as a result of porn consumption

…because sexual-dysfunction among youngsters is terrifying because of sexual conditioning

… because… so many other reasons that you cannot even imagine.

We look forward to celebrating your skills as an official Aware® Academy Certified Coach and Trainer.

If you need to know more details, or wish to inquire about payment plans, please contact us via WhatsApp (+61 414919806) or email [email protected]


Aware Academy Coaching Program

$299.00 USD

Non refundable product


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