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Well trained

Our coaches are well trained and supervised by the founder of the Aware Academy, Wael Ibrahim. You can trust their effort in doing their best to assist you with your struggle.


Our coaches are very passionate about helping others. They are eager to provide the necessary help. So just go ahead and contact them.


Our coaches can guide you through various areas of expertise. Not only porn addiction, but also reaching full potential, identity, habit formation, psychology, public speaking and many other disciplines.


Calisha Bennett

Calisha Bennett is the founder of Developing Diamonds and has over 14 years of experience as an active community leader, speaker, teacher and mentor of Muslim women and youth.
Located in Sydney/Australia.


Dean Mousad

Dean Mousad is the founder of Invictus Solutions. He is one of the Aware Academy certified coaches who had gained a plethora of experience since 2008.
Located in Sydney/Australia.
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Anna Tajminah

Anna Tajminah has been a mental health specialist for almost 10 years. 
For more than six years, she taught psychology to university students while volunteering as a psychosocial support specialist and psychological first aid (PFA) trainer in disaster-affected areas.
Located in Malaysia.
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Aly Balagamwala

Aly utilizes a unique blend of Islamic-focused Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP™ and trauma-informed tools and techniques to allow individuals, around the world, who 'feel stuck' in their current situation to discover the resources they already possess.
Located in Karachi/Pakistan.
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Abbas Lawal Hashim

Abbas is a full-time working engineer as well as an Imam in his local Mosque in Norway.  He is among the earliest batch and first batch of the AWARE Academy certification program. H e has a very strong sense of devotion in helping, coaching and teaching others...
Located in Norway

Sumaiya Afzal

Sumaiya, a current candidate of advanced degree in Psychology from Australia, is a senior AWARE Academy Coach. She passionately helps women with emotional healing and managing their challenges with practical solutions while fostering strong relationships.
Located in Sydney/Australia.
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Ali Asad Khan

Ali is a teacher, speaker, youth counsellor, a fitness instructor who organised CrossFit competitions locally. He graduated from the University of Maryland University College in information systems.  After 26 years of education in the United States, he returned back to his homeland to continue his education and ongoing learning in the field of coaching.
Located in Lahore/Pakistan
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Ambreen Abbasi

Ambreen is a certified Counsellor, licensed TimeLine Therapist, life coach and Hypnosis Practitioner, who has specialised in the field of addiction, especially pornography addiction.
Located in Karachi/Pakistan.
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Shiza Rana

Shiza is the founder of AS Transformational Coaching. She is a personal development coaching consultant, success and relationship life Coach who has completed a Master's degree in Human Resource Management majoring in organisational behaviour.
Located in Lahore/Pakistan

Enas Rady

Enas has a thorough experience in Mental Health Psychology and Psychotherapy theories with specialisation in Family, marriage and couple therapy counselling and Psychology training program. She's excellent in culturally sensitive communication skills with years of experience working with children and families in UAE and Worldwide.
Located in UAE.
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Yasmin Ismail

Yasmin been always passionate for helping others. her aim is to support those dealing with challenges by creating a safe space to share their emotions, insights, life hassles and difficulties. Her motto is: "There's no better feeling than to see someone truly find themselves with a significant life event occurs."
Located in Perth/Australia
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Abshiro Qassim

Abshiro is a registered nurse of 8+ years with a wide range of experiences in addictions.
 She is the founder of Iflow Hijama. A Perth based detoxification clinic using the art of Hijama. She has a passion for community health and wellness especially in the areas of detoxification & addictions.
Located in Perth/Australia
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Saira Ansari

Saira Ansari is a certified Coach & Trainer from The Aware Academy.  A Teacher, Life Coach, Councillor specially for kids, youth, parenting & marital issues. With certification of Deen she can help you with soul matters,  regain charge of your life with your full Competencies. Masters of Science in Chemistry from Karachi University. 
Located in Pakistan

Aisha Umar-Muawiyah

Aisha Umar-Muawiyah is a Harmony Coach. She is a Certified Aware Academy Coach, teacher and trainer, and practitioner of the Inside Out Paradigm.
As an educator, wife and mother of four, she understands the demands of balancing multiple roles with excellence.
Aisha is passionate about helping women enjoy their relationships with themselves, their families, communities and with the whole world.
Located in Nigeria.
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m Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad is a Master Trainer for Body Language, Trainer of NLP, Instructor for Silva Ultramind ESP systems. He is an author Life, Career and Sports Mind Coach, Hypnotherapist Corporate Trainer, Sales Trainer, Retail Consultant, Specialty Retail Trainer and Consultant. He is founder of NLP Mantra.
Located in Lahore/Pakistan
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Muhammad Gorki

Muhammad Gorki is the Founder of Habit Pyscle that helps people with porn addiction to find their new habits for better life without porn. He is a graduate of Industrial Engineering from the Philippines, a certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in lean manufacturing. Former Director of Philippines Institute of Industrial Engineers, Academic and Research CALABARZON Student Chapter. An inspirational speaker and influencer on social media platforms."
Located in Philippines & Nigeria
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Firoza Osman

Firoza Osman was a Lecturer and sexual health educator of teens for 17 years in the UK where she also received an M.Ed.
She moved to Canada in 2016 and worked for an Islamic non-profit organization delivering workshops on 'Healthy Relationships' to Muslim youth.  She is currently in the first year of a 2 year Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health at the University of Alberta, Canada.  She is also the author of 'How to talk to your Muslim child about Sex' - a book to support parents with practical suggestions in building the confidence to tackle this sensitive subject in a God-conscious way.
Located in Canada
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