The AWARE Journal.

A space to grow everyday...

Daily Journal was created to help you reflect over your daily activities so that you constantly remain firm upon your intended destination in life...

One page a day, one step a time, a whole life can change to the better...


The guided daily journal is designed for those who wish to improve their lives day by day through:

Daily acts of kindness.

Intended daily decisions.

Daily evaluation of what went well or less well throughout the day, AND MUCH MORE...


The take away of the day (New things that you have learned every day)

A space to jot down your favorite quotes, and

Another space to motivate yourself with great words before you end your day.

The Daily Journal was created to help those who are stuck with various challenges in life. It can absolutely be utilised in accordance to what you need.

We all yearn consistency in what we do, and many of us are lacking it. This journal was created to help you build up this very essential element in your life. Consistency.

Wael Ibrahim...

Be organized.

If you are lacking organizational skills, that's OK. But it is not OK to ignore the fact that YOU need to get organized. This journal helps you to get organized and to get things done.

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Talk to a sincere friend.

This journal is a friend to talk to at times when you don't have people around and/or unable to voice out your concerns. Letting it out could be the solution.

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Take action.

This journal helps you to calm, think, draft your ideas, plan your life and most importantly, TAKE ACTION.

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This is your chance to a new and exciting experience.

Maybe it could be one of the tools for breaking free from the cycle of your addiction.