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Either Pornography or Productivity: Both P’s are incompatible.

By. Wael Ibrahim – 9.3.2022

When we were young, our parents and elders used to advise us things like: eat healthfully, get plenty of sleep, work hard in school, drink plenty of water, and never, ever do drugs. But we were never told or taught, at any time, that pornography could have such a negative impact on our productivity and perhaps could rob us of our younger years.

We were utterly oblivious to the danger of pornography at the time. Unfortunately, we only realised what we needed to do when it was already too late.

Our parents’ primary concern was to help us in acquiring necessities of life such as food, shelter, education, and, of course, marrying and having children. But how does one go about starting a family? What were our responsibilities to our wives as husbands? All of these topics, including what sex was in the first place and what the Islamic standards were in such a relationship, were not discussed and were often disallowed in our homes. Pornography, on the other hand, was responsible for all our sex education. It taught us to be sexually suggestive to our wives and to prioritize our sexual needs over theirs. And then, somewhere along the way of this addictive life, we became enslaved by sexual fantasies, completely disregarding other necessities of life for the sake of our desires.

When we were on porn, we were completely unconcerned about everything else. We were unconcerned about studies, sleep, or even food. We were dazzled by a barrage of images that were capable of hypnotizing us and tying us down to our chairs and screens. Why weren’t we warned about this danger? How could governments, the media, and years of education fail us and future generations by sweeping this dirt under the rug as if it didn’t exist?

The educational system should be informed of the dangers that pornography may cause, particularly to our ability to perform productively. Students and educators alike should be made aware of the dangers of pornography in broad sense, and they should be trained in how to raise awareness about its dangers and help those who have become addicted to it. Otherwise, generations of children will be lost as a result of 1. Irresponsible industry that produces this content with no regard for its impact, and 2. Educational institutions that only target bright and gifted students in order to brag about how amazing their schools and teachers are leaving essential topics like these unaddressed.

Many people have lived and died without ever reaching their full potential or achieving their goals as a result of their secretive addiction to pornography. Their porn consumption has made it impossible for them to get to where they want to be and become, and sadly, some people today still believe that making a big deal about it is unnecessary.

This is the undeniable truth about pornography. It can never provide goodness and benefits to its consumers because you won’t be able to accomplish your life goals or become productive while being busy pleasuring yourself to porn. So, keep this in mind: the two P’s, pornography and productivity are incompatible. Once pornography takes over, your life becomes a mess, but once productivity is established, what follows is success.