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Is your BRAIN addicted?

Author: Wael Ibrahim

Any addiction is considered by specialists as a brain disease. It’s a neural disturbance that makes the brain dependent on its own hormones that are, sometimes produced in massive quantity. These hormones are produced when watching pornography too. So don’t be surprise to experience all the annoying feelings associated with your porn use. It is an addiction.

Little wonder, when you are exposed to porn content, on the long run, your pleasure center is disturbed and cannot get enough to experience the same excitement as before. Day by day, you start feeling stuck in an endless cycle of an endless world of adult content. And the longer you are attached, or rather addicted to these content, the harder it gets, and as a result, it may take longer time to recover and rewire the brain back to its original shape. In fact, as our brain develop on all levels as we grow, pornography addiction (or any addiction for that matter), reduces the development of our brain so badly, especially among children and teenagers. Even adults, whenever they try to quit and fail, they develop loads of mental illnesses that could literally ruin the addict’s life.

Pornography invades, mainly, two areas in the brain. The prefrontal cortex and the reward circuit, also known as the reward center. And as a result, a person could experience a lot of negative symptoms that are scary to even read about.

Among the issues that the addicted brain may experience as a result of porn consumption are:

Loss of memory, lack of focus and concentration, decision impairment, shrinkage of the frontal lobes, lack of self-control, brain fog or a period of confusion, depression, anxiety, mood swinging, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, emotional struggle, isolation, aggressive behaviors, loss of interest in sexual intimacy with real life partners, loss of erection (Or erectile Dysfunction), anorgasmia for women, difficulties to reach climax during sexual intercourse, delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation, etc. and the list could go on like forever. If any of the above sound’s familiar to you, then your brain/YOU are addicted and need some serious help.

The good news is, the brain has been designed in such a manner that it can be trained and molded as you please. Even though the process is not that simple and may require sometime, but at the end, your brain has the ability to rewire itself and go back to its pure shape. All you need to do is to abstain from watching porn and you will surely witness the difference.

Your brain is the powerhouse of your entire body. If it is diseased because of your addiction, the entire body will be diseased. We have seen a negative change in the lives of so many addicts as a result of their porn use. Many of them have turned to Alcoholism and other drugs (cross-addiction) and their lives never returned back to where they were. You don’t want to repeat their history, change that by exhorting effort to rewire your addicted brain and live a life that you’ve chosen for yourself, which is based on your values and principles.

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