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Psychological Effects of Porn Addiction

The Aware Academy Research Department. Dr Ron. C The subject of pornography, even to this day and age, is still considered taboo and despite the distaste surrounding the topic, many still patronize pornography. In the United States alone, according to statistics, 40 million people are consistent porn site visitors [1], which fuel the annual income …

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Is your BRAIN addicted?

Author: Wael Ibrahim Any addiction is considered by specialists as a brain disease. It’s a neural disturbance that makes the brain dependent on its own hormones that are, sometimes produced in massive quantity. These hormones are produced when watching pornography too. So don’t be surprise to experience all the annoying feelings associated with your porn …

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A guaranteed process to break free from your devices addiction

Author: Wael Ibrahim Who doesn’t love their electronic devices? Who’s not attach to them on a daily basis? Electronic devices are very stimulating and could easily become addictive. The reality of the matter is that there are many people today won’t even go to the restroom or eat a meal without clinging to their devices. …

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