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Beating up porn addiction before RAMADAN…

For the rest of our lives, we can live free from the shackles of any addiction if we can create an environment that forces us to behave according to our values, beliefs, principles, and adhere to actions and activities that protect this environment from being tarnished or ruined and involve the right people who assist us during this difficult journey of undesirable addictions. The critical alignment model is all about this. Living according to your values.

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Myths about pornography, debunked.

By Wael Ibrahim – 15.5.2021 This article is made in response to the misinformation declared in the article, Myths about pornography While it is true that social, religious, and cultural aspects have rendered pornography taboo, it has actually been widely studied in the field of psychology. Pornography has reached millions of viewers and long-term subscribers for …

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Masturbation: it might “feel good” to you, but it’s not that good for you

By. Wael Ibrahim – Founder of The Aware Academy An old joke said that 98% of people masturbate while the remaining two percent lie about not masturbating. This joke is trying to point out that masturbation is very natural, and somehow it encourages people to masturbate. In reality, only 78% of adults around the world …

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From No-Nut November to NoFap Forever

Wael Ibrahim – Founder of The Aware Academy Global Pornography is defined as professionally produced acts or explicit, graphic images or videos of masturbation, close-up genital penetration, oral sex, and other sexual acts intended to arouse the viewer sexually. It is one of the top content categories on the internet, and its growing audience is …

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Psychological Effects of Porn Addiction

The Aware Academy Research Department. Dr Ron. C The subject of pornography, even to this day and age, is still considered taboo and despite the distaste surrounding the topic, many still patronize pornography. In the United States alone, according to statistics, 40 million people are consistent porn site visitors [1], which fuel the annual income …

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Is your BRAIN addicted?

Author: Wael Ibrahim Any addiction is considered by specialists as a brain disease. It’s a neural disturbance that makes the brain dependent on its own hormones that are, sometimes produced in massive quantity. These hormones are produced when watching pornography too. So don’t be surprise to experience all the annoying feelings associated with your porn …

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The Porn Disaster | PART 2

Author: Wael Ibrahim Overcoming a disaster is sometimes easier said than done…. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was late at night when I received a call from Egypt while I was in my bed in Hong Kong City. It was my sister. I was surprised that she was calling at this time. …

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